Yordan Athanassov

As Partner of Upgrade.Swiss: I am your Development Partner when you want to obtain more meaningful and faster progress in Transformation and Change, through…
• defining promising new business activities.
• successfully transforming your business.
• being able to drive transformations and changes by yourself.

As Owner of Potential Lab Ltd: I am at your disposal as Project Manager or Line Manager ad interim for your change projects or projects with a strong change character.

I believe that…
• vitality, dynamism and crisis resilience are based on the accomplishment of the potential of individuals and enterprises.
• a transformation is necessary in most cases to accomplish this potential.
• developing potential and managing transformation is an art.

Curious, enthusiastic and fascinated by the dynamics of systems, I have explored several industries and companies in various roles. This has led me to transform myself many times and to learn how to “identify the activities that best suit” and “drive transformations”. Having a dual education (scientific and artistic), I have developed over the course of my various experiences two complementary approaches, one radically rational, the other highly creative.

Today, I can quickly…
• decipher the rules and interrelationships that govern the dynamics of your organization.
• challenge and inspire you to exploit / increase your opportunities and levers for action.
• co-create with you the path of your transformation.

The following items are part of my repertoire:
• a structuring/systematizing of the situation, objectives, and procedures.
• an agile/co-creative orchestration of the work, offering a more fluid and fruitful collaboration, even between very diversified people.
• the creation of images/metaphors that are meaningful, clarifying and stimulating.